People make the Company and People are the Company. Onboarding the right people and keeping the company of right-minded people makes your professional journey enjoyable and rewarding. Kefa believes in finding the right people to honor their business associates thereby enrich the client environment and the professional life of the workforce.

​​Permanent Staffing  

  • Information Technology (IT) clients are ever agile in the services and demands, which we are quite knowledgeable and experienced in identifying skilled talents and facilitate the selection process

  • Non-Information Technology otherwise Core Industries are the true business house in real terms are much methodical and principled in their Resource needs and Kefa has delivered experts and garnered the timely needs

Agile Staffing  

  • The Industry, be the IT world or the Core Industry world, all are going through a metamorphic transformation in their business models, style of offerings and services, that are looking for timely expertise either to annul a problem or yield a trendy solution.

  • Kefa finds experts to integrate with the client team and attribute timely for a pre-defined period to elicit solutions.


These Resources are flexible to work remotely for a definite period or maybe utilized sporadically to achieve desirous results.